Click n’ Close Title is proud to offer Remote Online Notarizations (RON) on qualifying transactions. RON allows a certified notary to verify the identity of the buyer and seller in an encrypted online portal.

Qualifying for RON

Ask your lender if they support eClosing, the act of closing a mortgage digitally in a secure, online environment with documents executed and accessed electronically. All involved parties for the transaction can access the notary portal anywhere in the world, all they need is a Wi-Fi connection and access to a device with audio and visual capabilities (something one could use for a Zoom meeting).

Benefits of Remote Online Notarization

Click n’ Close Title prides itself on leading the industry in customer experience which drives our ambassadorship to remote online notarizations.

Remote Online Notarization creates a better customer experience:

  • Allowing borrowers to review loan documents prior to closing
  • Faster and easier signing process
  • <More informative and efficient than a traditional closing

Remote Online Notarization reduces risk:

  • Reduce operational errors
  • Eliminating missing signatures, documents, or files
  • Improving data quality and validation

Remote Online Notarization saves time and money:

  • Shortening loan life cycle
  • Eliminate paper, shipping, and storage fees
  • Funds faster with the delivery of an eNote
  • Remote Online Notarization has countless benefits and improves accessibility to the dream of homeownership. It is currently available in over 46 states and the demand is growing in for real estate transactions all over the country.

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