Close On Time Guarantee Addison
April 8, 2021

Close On Time Guarantee

Close on Time with Click n’ Close Title and Mid America Mortgage We have partnered with Mid America Mortgage, Inc. to guarantee closing on-time within 21 business days on conventional loans. Buyers must be pre-approved with Mid America for access […]

History of Notarization Addison
March 1, 2021

History of Notarization

What is Notarization?  Notarization is a process created to deter fraud and record public information. This ancient process is vital in all transactions, especially real estate purchases in the present day. The first recorded evidence of a notary public dates […]

Notarization Process Addison
February 15, 2021

Notarization Process

Traditional Home Closing Process When closing on your home, you will need to verify your identity. There are many documents needing official validation, whether a deed, will, or real estate planning documents. Validation is in the form of a notary […]

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