Click n’ Close Title is a residential title insurance company that specializes in remote notary and digital closings. At Click n’ Close Title, we work closely with the real estate community to ensure that each real estate transaction is handled professionally and meets or exceeds expectations. We know that efficiency, precision, and communication are vital during the closing process. The Click n’ Close Title team helps our clients in a wide variety of residential transactions such as refinancing, purchasing, sales, reverse mortgages, construction financing and closing whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing a home.

About Click n' Close Title

Our duty is to ensure your purchase, sale, or refinance is completed in a timely, efficient and professional manner. We proudly provide our customers with a stress-free experience that gives you total control of where and when you sign the title with an SSL-encrypted, paperless notary process.

Our modern remote notary process permits you to schedule an online video conference with a notary, saving you time and giving you flexibility. No travel is needed, just a wi-fi connection! Upon closing on your home, funding can happen within 10 minutes of signing digitally with our digital closing process. Without remote notarization, funding is 12 times slower occurring 2 hours after closing compared to 10 minutes. Upon receiving closing documents from the lender, they’ll be available for your review within minutes, giving you the freedom to review them with whomever you choose. Digital closing allows you to review all documents up to two days before closing.

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