What is Notarization?

Notarization is a process created to deter fraud and record public information. This ancient process is vital in all transactions, especially real estate purchases in the present day. The first recorded evidence of a notary public dates to the scribes in Egypt, dating back to 2750 BC. The Egyptian scribes were trusted with official transactions (letters, proclamations, or tax documents) further developing governments, commerce, and public life. In ancient Egyptian society, recording events was so treasured; Pharaoh Tutankhamen included writing equipment in his tomb for the afterlife.

Public Notaries Become the Standard of All Official Transactions

Across the Mediterranean Sea, Roman society required a type of commission for a notarium’s duties consisting of preparing written contracts, wills, transactions, and other documents. Notaries were essential in society as the gatekeepers of information due to low literacy rates. In the 13th century, notaries were trusted and neutral members of the clergy, appointed by a high-ranking church member to keep official papers safe. The roles of notaries and scribes in the Middle Ages in England started to resemble the modern-day notary public of the United States since our legal system is based on England’s system due to colonization.

The Future of Real Estate Transactions

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